How To Use A Fire Blanket

How To Use A Fire Blanket

How To Use A Fire Blanket

Having a fire blanket inside your home can serve you well in numerous emergency situation fire situations. Fire blankets are made from fire-resistant materials. They are used to put out such fires to prevent them from spreading and growing by cutting off the fire’s oxygen. Most importantly you need to understand how to use a fire blanket and when to use them.

When to Use a Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is primarily used for small fires. By acting rapidly, avoiding them from ending up being large fires. It is always crucial to keep your blanket in an easy to get to location. There are several methods a fire can break out. Such as:

  • An oil or grease fire on the range. These types of blazes cannot be put out with water. Using the blanket will quickly put it out.
  • You can also use in a situation where somebody clothes catch on fire. When this occurs quick action is vital. Using the blanket will put out the fire and will not melt, drip, burn, ignite, or adhere to anything burning, including skin.
  • Electrical fires happen rapidly, without warning and can spread out extremely quick. Using the blanket will help to stop the fire from spreading and will put it out fast.

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The best ways to Use a Fire Blanket

Using it appropriately and moving quickly, will not only prevent the fire from dispersing. but it will likewise avoid severe damage to exactly what caught fire and well as safeguard you from being burnt too.

  • No matter what blaze you are putting out, make sure to protect your hands from the flames by wrapping your hands with the corner of the blanket. It is essential not to cover your hands too firmly, because you will have to instantly let the blanket go as soon as it is on top of the flames. If possible wear fire resistant gloves to prevent any mistake.
  • Make sure to position the blanket directly on top of the fire, covering it entirely with the blanket. This will ensure there is no oxygen getting to any part of the fire.
  • If a person is on fire you will need to throw the blanket on them, then wrap it around them completely to put out the flames.

Keep in mind that if the blaze cannot be extinguished by the blanket, you need to immediately remove yourself from the location and call the fire department. If your blanket does put out the flames, you need to allow it to cool down before discarding.