5.0kg CO2 fire extinguisher Expand

5.0kg CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ) fire extinguisher


5.0kg CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ) fire extinguisher includes the following

1 x 5.0kg Fire Extinguisher CO2
1 x Steel Wall Bracket
Option available to purchase - PVC maintenance tag punched and applicable signage added to order

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5.0kg CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ) fire extinguisher

Our 5.0KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Carbon Dioxide) is used on class B (Flammable Liquid) fires. CO2 is safe to use on electrical fires. Because it is a gas, it has little to no cleanup and will not cause damage to the equipment. CO2 fire extinguishers come in a variety of sizes and made with lightweight aluminium cylinders.

Certified and approved to the AS/NZS 1841.6 standard

To be compliant for commercial purposes the certification option needs to be selected. This includes a PVC maintenance tag and one-year certification. 

Types of fires this extinguisher is suitable for:

ClassCauseFlammable material examples
B Flammable or combustible liquids Petrol, kerosene, oil, tar, paint and wax.
E Electrical fires  Toasters, hairdryers, microwaves, electric stoves, ovens, hair straighteners, electric blankets.
Fire Rating 5B:E
Height 665mm
Width 152mm
Full Weight 11.90Kg
Propellant CO2
Operating Pressure 58 bar
Test Pressure 215 bar
Cylinder Volume 7.5L
Cylinder Aluminium
Finish: Cylinder Powder Coated Red
Material Valve Nickel Plated Brass
Handel Lever Stainless Steel

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Very good build quality
‎Brandon G. on 20/12/2017

Great extinguisher. Haven't had to use it so far, but looks to be made to last